Running an event

So now you've heard about Knit a Neuron, perhaps you've joined us and knitted a neuron or two with us. What's next? Run an event in your area, of course!

Here are some things we like:
  • take over your stitch n bitch / knit and natter meeting for a session or two 
  • talk to your Science Cafe / Cafe Scientifique they'll probably be able to help you find a neuroscientist or two
  • knit neurons in public - we know someone who knits neurons while she's on her stall at art fairs
  • talk to your local science discovery centre or science festival - they may have events for adults you could help out with
If you would like the document which has the patterns on one side and some information about the project on the other, download it from here.

Let us know about your event and we'll post it here. If you take pictures we'll share those too.

Good luck and don't forget to tell us how it went!