Monday, 25 January 2010

Some finished neurons

We've got some finished neurons to show you. Which should make it a bit easier to see what this is all about.

Woo hoo - aren't they fun!


  1. Hey, a lovely person working just down the corridor has already knitted one! And is all lined up to come to the cafe too. Bringing a bag of stuffing!

  2. These are amazing! Myself and a couple of friends (we're sci commers at Imperial) are knitting the history of genetics, so we'll do one for that and send it on when the project's finished. Here if you want a look:

    Thanks for the patterns, we're novice knitters but I think we can handle these!

  3. I will definitely have a crack at crocheting a neurone. I love to crochet moulds and lichens! You can see them at
    Happy yarn play :)

  4. Hey - more science / yarners - woo hoo! I love the idea of knitting the history of genetics, and those moulds and lichens are beautiful.

  5. wish I'd seen that the event was on - sadly missed it!! would have loved to have knitted some wooly neurons!

  6. What a shame you missed it. More events to come though - look out for something happening in Weston and Cardiff. Is there a group near you we can come to? it needn't be a science or knitting group - any Towns Women's Guilds out there, WI, Soroptomists? (notice my assumption that it will be mostly women interested in craft activities!)

    Have a got at making a neuron and join the project anyway - it'll help you get your eye in for when another event happens!