Monday, 22 February 2010

Science Cafe - the aftermath

Wow! so many people turned up tonight to knit and crochet neurons. We now have lots of lovely neurons and more to come: some people didn't quite finish theirs. We're at the Pierian centre next week and we've also been invited to Weston. I love the great variety in the neurons: different sizes, colours, and textures - each one unique - just like the real thing.

Thanks everyone for a great evening. Next time, I'll remember my hooks so I can make a neuron or two too!


  1. Hi Helen, had such a good time last night and we are really looking forward to you visiting us in Weston. I finished my nervous looking neuron this morning, will save it for your visit.

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing your nervous neuron. Do you have an email address or phone number so we can set up a date? cheers, Helen

  3. Hi all, I have been knitting neurones like mad!! Just showed my mum how to do it, and telling my sister and grandma too, so they can knit some!

    Thank you for a great evening, was one of great inspiation for me. Love, Raphaela

  4. Thank you sooo much everyone! I'm so thrilled, delighted, and excited to see the 'Knit a neuron' idea - brewing away for 2 years or so - being welcomed with such warmth and enthusiasm.

    Really look forward to seeing all your creatively created neurons! Don't forget that the real ones come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and that you can pick any colour you like (since the real ones aren't coloured at all).

    THank you again, hope to see some of you again at other events. (We're open to suggestions for other opportunities, workshops, community groups, schools, stitch and bitch, therapy sessions, WI, science events...)

    Anne (the Knitting Neuroscientist)