Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Green Man - the evidence

Well, well, well. What a great time we had at Green Man! Here we are with a couple of our neighbours. If you're interested, "we" are Amy (University of Bristol), Caroline (University of the West of England), Alison (University College London) and Helen (University of the West of England) from L to R - unfortunately Anne couldn't make it.

We were kept busy from the moment we opened to when we closed each day with knitting, nattering and neuroscience.

We met so many amazing people, young and old, who
talked about consciousness, music and the brain,
encephalitis, altered states, learning, strokes, brain development, dreaming and much, much more. We were certainly kept on our toes!

Harriet was one of our youngest knitters, here she is taking a few tips from Pat.

Noah and the neurons. Just in case you were wondering, we had lots of chaps stop by for a knit and a natter. Noah is a neuroscientist too.

We had an amazing time at Green Man and loved talking to everyone. Thanks very much to all the folk who stopped by our little green gazebo to talk brain science and knit neurons. Thanks also to Ellen who organised Einstein's Garden.

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