Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Knit a Neuron reaches its new home!

I'm sure that all KAN Fans will be please to hear that the artwork created out of our wonderful selection of donated, knitted neurons has now been presented to the ‘Headway’ centre in Henley-on-Thames, which will be its final home. Headway is a national charity that, “works to improve life after brain injury”. The Henley centre runs a day care program of physical and cognitive therapy and provides vital support to sufferers and carers affected by head injury.

Anne visited Headway on 21 November to present the artwork. She also spoke about the project, brain injury research going on in Bristol, and answered lots of questions on neuroscience (and other things besides!). Anne had a great day, enjoying the opportunity to meet and chat with all the clients in that day. Some had knitted their own neurons, and all of them were very interested in seeing the artwork depicting brain injury. One lady, Jane, was particularly thrilled with it as a brain haemorrhage had damaged her sight, but she could feel all the neurons and make out the colours.

The KAN neurons are now installed as a wall hanging in one of the rooms at Headway that is used for therapy or as a quiet space by clients.

Big thanks to everyone at Headway for welcoming KAN and giving it a new home!

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